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Monday, September 14, 2009

the runner

Stephanie’s out on the track everyday. She’s a few seconds away from beating her own county record. Her friend, Isaac, has always wondered why she hasn’t joined a school team already. Is there a reason why Stephanie runs? And when a tragedy strikes, will she ever run again?

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Who's Maureen? His ex.

I wish.

Last week of summer school. I had to do quite a few corrections on my powerpoint.
[ أمري ١٤ سنه .عمرهو ١٢ سنه .هو ٥٥ سنه .هي ٥٢ سنه ]

teeth and year are one "he" away. How could I have known?

I have to say I'm going to miss Arabic class. I've met some really cool people. Fortunately, I'll be seeing them next year as scrubs. (And apparently I'm being stalked by Mr. Jim and Co...He should stop having sex with everyone and everyTHING he sees.) I won't be seeing some really cool people though. Like Peter and Richard.
Haha. Those dorks.
My dorks.
...."Super" - Peter.

I had some intense bonding with the basketball team today. We raided the streets by Downey High School with a vengeance. (not really) The team's going to be awesome next year.

And finally, film camp is coming up. Oh, film camp...whatever shall I do without you. Last year, I met possibly the coolest people I will ever know there (Erica, Myles, Wolfie to name a few) so I wonder what'll happen in Advanced Digital Film. I'm there for two weeks so if you want to contact me, call be at seven-ish? Or leave a text. I'll answer my phone if I'm not at "work". I'm kind of scared though. It is Advanced Digital Film. I'm going to get slaughtered and trampled.
Hope for the best, right?
I'll be leaving Sunday afternoon to go check in. I'm coming back Friday the 7th. I'll be home for four (or five) days then I'm off to Hawaii for another two weeks.

Call. Text. Talk. Beat up (for some)

More Avatar
I'm very proud of this next one. Theatre time!
*click to make larger* :D

I think that pretty much wraps it up. OH. Can't forget to let Isabel know that I LOVE THAT YOU'VE COMMENTED ON ALMOST EVERY POINTLESS POST. thanks. It means a lot, really.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


I'm in a very Avatar-y mood. What can I say? I love it. (I think you can click on them to get them larger. No dirty joke intended)


Here's some of real people :P

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Reprise you guys DO care. :D

Today was fun. Ran into all my old buddies from Whitney at Towne Center. Also, got some boba and didn't lose in the first round of spoons/ cellphones. So then we got on the wrong bus to get back to my place so we switched buses like a second from where we got on and then safely landed back at my place.
Justina, Sarah, Susie, and Kyle talked for like an hour and a half while I tried to supply some background music with my guitar.
Then we played Rockband for like three hours.

It's the return of TwoRepublic!
good's hard to believe a year went by so fast.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Flawed Work of Art

No update in a while. Not like anyone cared.

I'm signed up for Advanced Film Studies for ages 16 and up. My mom made a call and I'm in. Now whether or not to sign up for the college credit....

I've been watching Bones a lot. I don't think it's healthy

Popularity in purgatory right now. I have no idea if Avi asked for the room.

I went to the Whitney Bottom Locker thing. That was pretty good. I can see there's a lot of talent there.

Film Club passed! I am now Vice President for Film Club next year.

Summer basketball! I'm so excited, I just can't hide it

Finals coming up. Oh dear.remember the good times.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Is There Anyone IN the Mainstream?

It won't tune...

...So we hear.

Well, yesterday I semi-chaperoned a date. That was pretty fun. I got beat up by Justina again. We played cards. Sarah was my lucky charm :D.....well, in some hands. I also had like a fluid overload. But Justina did finish half of my boba.
^a visual of justina beating me up

I brought math homework to towne center. I had the book, paper, a pencil, and everything but I was like, "CRAP! What are the problems???" Kyle said he didn't write them down so we started calling everyone up who might have internet access so they could check the homework for me. After a little bit, I give up...defeated.

Then Kyle pulls out his math folder and finds the math homework.


Anyways, the play went great. Sarah was wonderful! And more people came than I thought.

And to the people who came- THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMING! Sarah was really happy after the first you can see.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Message in a Bottle

I was practicing that song on Rock Band hard drums. Man, when you THINK about the rhythm you mess up. Note to self: "don' t think". I got through it in the end though, so it's all good.

Today, I went to go see 17 Again. Sarah couldn't stop laughing. Apparently it was partly due to the fact that the guy next to us had a very creepy laugh. Also, that guy started singing along ot "Fergilicious" when it came on before basketball game. :S

Long critical review (with dork moment at the end):
Despite the continuity errors, it was an enjoyable movie. I almost don't want to bring out possible editing blips because I want to say that it was genuinely a good film. The story line was a mash of Big, Back to the Future, and some original-not-so-original fluffy sub-plot. Shankman did okay but I think the real genius-i were the writers. The dialogue was spunky, fresh, and kept me happy.

The editing and choice of shots on the other hand is another story. I understand some parts were meant to be a little overlapped but why so many? Also, this might be the actor's problem, but I noticed when cutting from one shot to the next the actor was doing something else or in a different position. That seems like a very amateur mistake to me. I'm not pointing any fingers *cough*zacefron*cough* but that really broke continuity.

Okay, read the rest before ya'll get mad at me for that Zac Efron thing. I believe this guy has a lot of potential, sure. He's on the rise and he's probably going to have great roles coming up for him but I think this guy needs a little more expierence on the big screen before he tries to take on an Oscar-esque movie. His acting in the movie was pretty good and at moments his "dad" character was really showing and genuine but the little things kind of blew the 10/10 ranking for him.

Other than Efron, Tom Lennon was perfect. I loved his character, too. You should've seen me in the theatre. When he was on his not-date with the principal and they started speaking Elfish, I freaked out. I told Jennie, "OHMYGOSH, THEY'RE SPEAKING ELF!" She gave me a "wtf" face and ignored my spazzing. Also, I. Want. His. House. He has LUKE'S LANDSPEEDER for a bed. And a Tatooine backround on his wall. (A New Hope LOVE!) Plus, his clone shock trooper coffee thingy? Awesome. The lightsaber battle had to be my favorite part of the movie.
--- that leads me to the new game me and Kev got- Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. We only have one mission left. I find Felusia much more annoying than I used to. Them warriors are tough cookies.

If you couldn't tell, I love Star Wars.

I also love The Lord of the Rings, which is how I knew the Elf thing. I don't know if they were speaking Quenya or the other one, though.

Spring break's over. That was quick. And unproductive.Here's an old family picture from Christmas I touched up. My cousins are groovy. And kinda old. XP